I have learned a lot about visual and audio media content and how to create it and take it apart. I've learned to completely start with an idea and let other ideas come and go so that my work depicts what I am most passionate about and not necessarily a specific assignment topic. With that being said I have learned to work in a group because it allows for more ideas and point of views to be shared and realized through the various media platforms.

Go Team

Critical Problem Solving

have learned that when solving a problem a stubborn mind is of no use to anyone so I try to be as open minded as possible. This helps get a better understanding to both sides of the situation. Also, I have learned to not give my opinion until the very end as I am an opinionated person for the better. For action to be be taken properly I think that whatever the solution may be it should not favor one side over another intentionally as to be biased.



In a communications course I had I learned to work with others as group members and not as I, the leader and them, the followers. I notice that I tend to be the person in charge because I like things to be done right. Through this very project oriented class I have learned to restrain myself from doing all the work and pitching all the ideas and instead letting others speak and show their creative sides as well.

doing work together


I have learned that not all media is viewed in the same way and called "appropriate" in all countries. That just because something is popular and accepted in the United States does not mean it is going to be accepted in another part of the world. In which the media content could violate the peoples ideals and beliefs and come off as vulgar and indecent. I have been exposed to many cultures of which I am amazed by like East Asian, European and many variations of the Latinx community through various student organizations I have been lucky to be a part of.

Happy Girls


I have been taught to make projects whether it be business related or school related with what resonates most with me. I have learned to not follow the crowd but rather learn from present and past creators and make something different. To take the skills I have learned and what is truly my passion and make something beautiful because it is different and weird which is something to be proud and should be shared.

Painted Heart